Here are some of our full day or half day trips. All of our trips can be modified or changed.

Price: 650€

Trip length: 8 h

You don't have much time to spend on slow speed boats and wish to get the most of the day? This is your tour then. Visit and explore 4 islands, see Dubrovnik city walls and the old harbor from the sea, discover hidden sea caves, swim on the most beautiful beaches in the area reachable only by the boat, enjoy sea rock jumping, snorkeling and more.

Dubrovnik and Elaphiti island trip

Trip length: 4 h

This 4-hour tour takes you to the places of a great interest mostly only reachable from the sea. You get to see the panorama of two islands and the lighthouse in front of Cavtat. During this tour, you are surrounded by the stunning panoramic views of the cliffs of Konavle. Enjoy the swimming on two of the most beautiful, unique and hidden gems of the Mediterranean sandy/rocky beaches, explore the island of Supetar and find your own private spot for a swim. 

The cliffs of Konavle tour

Price: 400€

Dubrovnik and Elaphiti island trip

Price: 950€

Trip length: 10-12 h

Discover the island of Korčula. Learn it's history starting at it's capital and get carried away on this magnificent island. See and feel Korcula old town. Enjoy it's food and taste it's wines. Hear and learn of it's traditions. Feel the ancient ways of Mediterranean, the ways of Dalmatia. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling at one of the most beautiful beaches Moro reachable only by the sea.

Korčula island trip

The cliffs of Konavle tour

Trip length: 8 - 10 h

On our speed boat you can visit and explore National park of Mljet, a jewel of the Adriatic coast, see Dubrovnik city walls and the old harbor from the sea, discover large and small salty lake in the middle of the island of Mljet, swim on the most beautiful beach in the area reachable by the boat, learn about island's history, visit old monastery, eat at a unique place, enjoy panoramic views, snorkeling and more all in just 8 hours. By the time this tour is finished, you still have time to do something else or just relax at the beach/bar etc.because the day won't be over yet.

Mljet island adventure