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Snorkeling gear



The Cliffs of Konavle trip

Trip start : 10:00 / 14:00 

Max number of persons: 8

Trip duration: 4 hours

Language: English

Places you will see on this trip: panorama of Cavtat, island Supetar, island Mrkan, island Bobara, beach Luka, beach Pasjača, rocks and cliffs of Konavle

Trip includes: snorkeling gear, towels, cold beverages, snacks, skipper, fuel

Additional Equipment: Bimini, fridge, Usb/MP3 player, free wifi, shower, toilet, sundeck

Trip does not include: lunch, professional guide, any  needed tickets

Cancellation: 36h hrs prior


490,00€ for Merry Fisher 795

800,00€ for Leader 10

This 4-hour tour takes you to the places of a great interest mostly only reachable from the sea. You get to see the panorama of two islands and the lighthouse in front of Cavtat. During this tour, you are surrounded with the stunning panoramic views of the cliffs of Konavle. Enjoy the swimming on two of the most beautiful, unique and hidden gems of the Mediterranean sandy/rocky beaches, explore the island of Supetar and find your own private spot for a swim. In just 4 hours you get to see the most, you couldn't have seen otherwise. If you like boat ride, swimming at the unique hidden beaches, sunbathe on the rocks of Luka bay beach to get your tan, explore the uninhabited the island of Supetar, so-called Robinson Crusoe island, and have stunning panorama all the time of the tour then this is a must to do the tour.




- A closer look from the boat of a lighthouse in Cavtat

- A closer look from the boat of the two uninhabited islands Mrkan and Bobara

- Swimming and snorkeling at Luka, hidden rocky beach of Konavle, jump from the high cliffs into the crystal clear sea and raise your adrenaline.

- Panorama of Konavle cliffs along the way.

- Swimming and snorkeling at Pasjaca, a hidden gem of the Adriatic beaches.

- Explore the island of Supetar and have a swim&coffee.


We start this tour in Cavtat, passing the Cavtat bay and have a closer look from the boat of a lighthouse in Cavtat and two uninhabited islands Mrkan and Bobara. We will provide you with information about the islands at sight.


All along the way, we pass the cliffs of Konavle. Cliffs of Konavle sprawl from Cavtat to Molunat, two seaside tourist resorts of the coast in Konavle. Steep inaccessible cliffs that fall vertically into the sea are the only ones on the Adriatic coast and they spread in a continuous length of about 20 kilometers. The view from the rocks to the open sea as well as to the landscape of Konavle is a breathtaking experience. Along the rocks of Konavle, despite the inaccessibility, the native population found the way to approach the sea and the swimming areas hidden beneath the rocks that reach up to 200 meters.


Our first stop is a Luka bay beach in a small village of Cilipi. Luka Bay in Čilipi, just 30 minutes away from Dubrovnik, a gem for swimmers, enjoy the swimming or just sunbathe on the rocks. Swimmers at Luka can enjoy the concrete slabs and rocky cliffs, while steps built into the cliffs lead into the sea to make the sparkling blue waters easier to reach than ever. At Luka Bay, you won't find loud music, loungers, showers, or water sports but you can enjoy snorkeling around or jump from high cliffs right into the crystal clear sea. A unique experience you can't have anywhere else in the area but here.

We then head to Pasjača beach. On our way, we pass the cliffs of Konavle with the stunning views of the panorama. Pasjaca Beach in Konavle is one of those hidden gems of the Dubrovnik region. It is one of the most stunning beaches on the Adriatic.  Located in the small village of Popovici in pretty much the heart of the Konavle wilderness the beach looks like it has specially created by Hollywood as a set for From Here to Eternity. With unbelievable translucent seas, sky-scraping cliffs and a bright white beach edged in between you have the feeling that if you ever dreamt of the perfect beach it would probably look something like Pasjaca. It looks just as nature had intended. There are no bars, no loud music, no sunbeds, and no shops, just you – the beach and the endless Adriatic Sea. In places it is sandy but it’s pebbles are soft underfoot and the sea water is so clean you’ll see every toe as you wade ever deeper. And all the time on your horizon is the shades of blue where the sky meets the sea.


The excitement is not over yet. On our way back to Cavtat we stop on the island of Supetar, uninhabited island in Cavtat bay, often called a Robinson Crusoe island,  for a perfect ending of a tour. Explore this uninhabited island, walk around, have a coffee or just find your spot for a final swim of the day as a  perfect way to finish this unique private boat tour.

Looking forward to seeing you on our boat where you get the most of the day.

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