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Korčula islands trip

Trip start : 09:00

Max number of persons: 6

Trip duration: 9 hours

Language: English

Places you will see on this trip: panorama of Cavtat, island Supetar, island Lokrum, the panorama of Dubrovnik city walls from the sea, island Korčula, and the panorama of a peninsula Pelješac

Trip includes: hotel pick up/drop off, snorkeling gear, towels, cold beverages (Coca Cola, Juice, Fanta...), snacks, skipper, fuel, professional guide

Trips do not include: Lunch

Additional Equipment: Bimini, fridge, USB/MP3 player, free wifi, shower, toilet, sundeck...

Cancellation: 36h hrs prior

Price: 1499,00€ for Leader 10


Plan of voyage

- We leave the port of Cavtat or Dubrovnik. We pass Dubrovnik city walls from the sea and you get the chance of making wonderful photos of these medieval walls and fortresses.

The journey to Korcula lasts approx 3 hours thanks to our brand new speed boat. This way you spend as little time as possible on the transportation. Still, have plenty of time to spend on this magnificent island.

- In Korcula, a professional guide will be waiting for you and you get to see most of Korcula old town which includes a visit to Marco Polo's birth house.

Lunch in one of the best restaurants in Korcula or just have a light lunch in one of the pizzeria's, it's up to you.

- After sightseeing of Korcula old town and lunch, we head to one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik area, famous Moro beach, reachable by the sea. You will just love it! Enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the Adriatic sea with stunning photos to be taken for your memories.

- After swimming, we head to Cavtat port or Dubrovnik depends on your wishes.

Discover the island of Korčula. Learn it's history starting at it's capital and get carried away on this magnificent island. See and feel Korcula old town. Enjoy it's food and taste it's wines. Hear and learn of it's traditions. Feel the ancient ways of Mediterranean, the ways of Dalmatia. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling at one of the most beautiful beaches Moro reachable only by the sea.



-Depart from Cavtat and Dubrovnik old port

-City tour of Korčula with a professional guide

- Lunch in one of the local restaurants

- Swimming and snorkeling at Moro beach, one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik area

-Panoramic views of the Adriatic sea&shore on our return.


The island of Korcula is one of the most popular island destinations in Croatia. One of the reasons is the fact that it is the second most inhabited Croatia island. During the summer season, the number of people on the island increases several times, and the island of Korcula welcomes it's visitors with open arms, eager to show and share all of its cultural, gastronomical and historical heritage, that has accumulated on this island over thousands of years of uninterrupted development. The island was inhabited in prehistoric times, and there are many archaeological sites that show this. The development of the western civilization began with the arrival of Greeks in the area of Lumbarda, which were followed by Romans and finally Croats who embraced this island as their home and developed it to what it is today, a pearl in the crown Croatia's Adriatic islands. Korcula is 6th larges Croatian island, with two most important towns on the island -the town of Korcula and Vela Luka. The town of Korcula is the birthplace of the famous world traveler Marco Polo, and has a birth house of Marco Polo with a small museum opened for the visitor. For Korcula, one can say it is like Dubrovnik on an island.

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